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Restoration Services in Fort Worth, TX - Water & Fire Damage
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Restoration Service in Fort Worth, TX

Making sure your home looks as good as new

At Texas Duct Pros, we aim to provide homeowners the support they need during a disastrous event. We have built a legacy of trustworthy and efficient restoration services in Fort Worth, Texas. As a full-restoration service company in Fort Worth, we specialize in residential and commercial property restoration, repairing damages that may have occurred due to water damage, fire damage, smoke, storm, mold, or biohazards. Your property is close to your heart, and seeing it getting damaged can be piercingly painful. Let us help you get it back to normal. We also offer dryer vent cleaning services, insulation,  cleaning services, chimney cleaning along with air duct cleaning services for residential and commercial needs.


Trained Specialist To Cleanup The Mess

No matter what disastrous event is, your property will be in a mess, and you will be in a state of shock. That’s completely understandable. We have come up with a package of diligent Fort Worth restoration services to help you cope with the distressing situation. Restoration of homes and properties is not a picnic. Only experts can help you.


At Texas Duct Pros, we maintain a team of expert specialists who are empathetic towards our clients. They are highly trained to deal with unforeseen emergencies and provide people the respite they need. From clearing up the mess of rebuilding your property, our team knows the nitty-gritty of restoration services in Fort Worth, and ensure that your daily life goes on smoothly as usual.


Worried about insurance? You don’t have to because we help you with that too. We maintain close ties with insurance providers so that you don’t have to waste time and energy negotiating with the representatives. We are a compassionate company which understands your loss and strives to comfort you during difficult times.

Smoke Damage Restoration

We will assist you in recovering from a fire and smoke damage with our services. From protecting your belongings to removing smoke smell, cleaning surfaces to maintaining custody chains, our smoke damage restoration can help you experience normalcy again.

Storm Damage Restoration

Strong winds can damage your property, causing windows, doors, and roofs to break and walls to crack.  Our skilled and experienced staff are capable of removing trees, repairing roofs and electrical fixtures, and remodeling structures.

Water Damage Restoration

Water leaks and flooding can ruin walls, furniture, and flooring, and increase the likelihood of bacterial infestation. As experts in water damage restoration, we provide water extraction, mold and fungal testing, content cleaning, structural drying, and moisture testing services to people suffering flooding-related damages.

Mold Remediation

Our professionals are certified to remove mold and provide effective remediation services to property owners. We will inspect the structure, formulate a proper restoration plan, and complete reconstruction tasks using innovative equipment and technologies. From air quality sampling and evaluation to anti-pathogenic treatments, our services include all aspects of mold remediation.

Structural Cleaning

You will have to conduct a proper cleaning of your structure after a disaster strikes. Our team can perform water extraction, pack-out services for water and fire damage, dehumidification, contents cleaning, and HVAC cleaning tasks without adding to the mess. We will purge your space to look as if nothing has happened.

Tile and Grout

Damage to your tiles and grout in your home can be restored when done by a professional. Whether it may be from an environmental factor or they need to be restored because they are old and worn down, Texas Duct Pros is here for your Fort Worth restoration services. Contact us today to learn more about any of our services.

Fort Worth Restoration Services

Why you should choose Texas Duct Pros

Unlike other restoration service providers, Texas Duct Pros provides its services with a personal touch. Besides being highly professional, we also possess a few other traits that set us apart from other players in the market. Choose us because we:

Use Innovative Technology

We have moved ahead in the learning curve and started using an arsenal of state-of-the-art cleaning and rebuilding technologies and equipment for various restoration tasks. This gives an edge over our competitors, making us one of the most innovative companies in the domain.

Stick To Timeliness

Our professionalism is seen in the way we stick to clear restoration plans and deliver everything on time. We respond promptly acting, acting on the request. If you are in need of restoration services in Dallas, you can trust Texas Duct Pros as a company you can count on.

Provide Affordablity

Although our services are advanced, we keep in mind the economic constraints of property owners. You don’t have to break the bank on getting your damaged property back to its normal state. The affordability of our services makes us a preferred choice of many property owners in Fort Worth, Texas.